Points Scored

TOTAL POINTS SCORED                                
NAT JACKSON         154 PTS                  (2003)    

JASON LOVETT      132 PTS                   (2004)         

NAYJEE HARRIS    102 PTS                  (2009)

EVAN SCHICKEL    96 PTS                    (2018)

JAUAN LATNEY        90 PTS                  (2009)

DRAKE SANDERS    84 PTS                   (2007)        

BYRON ALLEN         84 PTS                   (2005)        

NAT JACKSON          78 PTS                   (2002)       


Jason Lovett

“He was really, really explosive. He just had a quick burst and he could also get the tough yards,” Ludden said. “He wasn’t a big guy. He was really a bundle of fast-twitch muscle fibers. He’d really hit it hard and he could go all the way at any time.”

Lovett now lives in Alexandria, where he’s a counselor for at-risk youth.

-Free Lance-Star