One of the best ways to get noticed by college coaches is to go to their football camp(s) and ball out.

Most of the camps are on the weekends and the best time of the year to go is in June. 

Be selective and realistic in your ability.   If you are not a top end D1 player then don’t go to a top end D1 camp.  Pick a camp at a school where you think you have a chance to play.

All camps a  little different but generally speaking you will go through a combine where you will run a 40, broad jump, cone drills and so on.  The day will likely be long and will only actually get a chance to show your stuff for about 5 minutes.  Those 5 minutes are everything to you if you truly want to get recruited… make sure you ball out.


To find out where and when the camps you are looking for are located, just go to the website or the team you are looking for… the info should be on the website.