Your GPA is exceptionally important in the recruiting process.  It will either separate you from the pack of other players in a positive or negative way.  It’s simple, there are literally millions of high school football players with decent grades.  You don’t want to be one of the millions… you want to be one of the few with top notch grades to make yourself stand out to a college coach.

Excellent grads (3.5 or above) show a college coach that you have discipline, that you care about your future, and that you are a competitive person.  

There are many colleges that won’t even look at a high school player unless the player has a 3.5 GPA or above to go along with several AP classes and a 1200+ SAT. 

In fact, the very first question that a college coach will ask when talking to a high school coach is “How are his grades and SAT?” before they will even begin look at a players film.  Simply put, if you don’t meet that particular college coaches minimum GPA they won’t look at you because they won’t waste their time looking at a player that doesn’t meet their minimums.

Put yourself in a position to be looked at by getting the highest GPA you can and separate yourself from the millions of players that play high school football.