Player Year Graduated College or University
Jason Yencha 1999 Lackawanna Junior College
Bobby Bradley 2000 Mount Union
Joe Morin 2000 Averett University
Joe Perry 2000 Averett University
Stephen Morin 2002 Bridgewater College
Eric Ludden 2002 UVA-Wise
Kyle Barnes 2002 Concord
Will Nowell 2003 James Madison
C.J. Reid 2004 USMA-Sprint
Alex Madgar 2004 Randolph Macon
Nat Jackson 2004 VMI
Travis Ludden 2004 VMI
Clyde Robinson 2005 Averett University
Brandon Fortune 2005 Virginia State
Bryan Pate 2005 William and Mary
Jason Lovett 2005 UVA-Wise
Byron Allen 2006 VMI
Jay Kenney 2006 St. Pauls
Zach Ezzefli 2006 UVA-Wise
Spenser Bolen 2006 Randolph Macon
Tony Horn 2006 St Augustine
D.J. Hickman 2006 Virginia
Dominique Smith 2006 James Madison
Anthony Mihota 2007 Virginia
Nathan Taylor 2007 Auburn
Josh Wine 2007 VMI
Kemp Davis 2008 Christopher Newport
John Van Wey 2008 Gallaudet
Thaddeus Scruggs 2008 Randolph Macon
John Ludden 2008 Shenandoah University
Shane Ludden 2008 Ferrum College
Larry Gibbs 2008 Shenandoah University
Darius Green 2009 Averett University
Diaunte Bell 2009 Christopher Newport
Drake Sanders 2009 Randolph Macon
Yoshua Torres 2009 Shenandoah University
Thomas Robinson 2010 Bridgewater
Donnie Santiso 2010 Christopher Newport
Jauan Latney 2010 James Madison
Deandre Houston-Carson 2011 William & Mary
Quinn Hill 2011 Christopher Newport
Ryan Samuels 2011 Louisburg Junior College
Sean Campbell 2011 Louisburg Junior College
Kris Hurt 2012 Louisburg Junior College
Calvin Huggins 2012 Bluefield College
Dhevyn Anderson 2013 West Virginia Wesleyan
Joey Foster 2013 Harvard University
AJ Forbes 2014 Shenandoah University
Javonte Latney 2014 UVA Wise
Greg Brown 2014 UVA Wise
Steven Sobczak 2014 Virginia Tech
Vinny Mihota 2014 Virginia Tech
Kelvin Forson 2014 Bluefield College
Cason Whit 2014 Bluefield College
Anthony Campbell 2014 ASU Junior College
Tony Barnett 2014 Christopher Newport
Darren Gary 2014 Christopher Newport
Gus Little 2015 University of Maryland
Daniel Flowe 2015 Stevenson University
Bo Fields 2015 West Virginia State
Tim Vozzola 2015 Shenandoah University
Joey Benden 2016 West Point
Conlan Beaver 2016 University of Montana
Chacorie Williams 2016 Apprentice School
Zach Wilcox 2016 Virginia State University
Trajan Anderson 2017 Villanova
Trey Watkins 2017 William and Mary
Louis Mihota 2017 Virginia Tech
Trazell Ash 2017 Averett University
Tholoi Selli 2017 Averett University
Jordan Kalemwa 2018 Christopher Newport
Ben Morley 2018 Emory & Henry
Tyler Knowles 2018 Ferrum College
Jahquan Collins 2018 Shenandoah University
Teagan McDonald 2019 Old Dominion University
Evan Schickel 2019 The Citadel
Jonathan Kim 2019 University of North Carolina
Donavan Beaver 2019 West Virginia Univeristy
Zack Rock 2019 Bridgewater College
Matt White 2019 Ferrum College
Jacon Carmichael 2020 Christopher Newport
Josh Hale 2020 Virginia State University
Darion Moore 2020 Ferrum College
Quintin Wilcox 2020 Virginia State University
Luke Morely 2021 Navy
Jacob Romero 2021 Washington and Lee
Kaden Schickel 2021 James Madison University
Elijah “Uno” Christopher 2021 Washington and Lee
Elijan Washington 2021 Virginia Union
Ryan Samuels


“I loved playing football for ponax because of the process.  You knew exactly what you needed to do on and off the field to succeed year after year. You had to earn everything, nothing was given. It was also rare to see high school players holding each other accountable for weights, meetings, practices ect. You never wanted to let your teammates down. I still use the lessons I learned today. “



Isaiah Jones

“Ponax football is like no other program. I loved playing because not only did It teach me skills on the field but also things I could use off the field in my everyday life. With the coaches there to push you every day sometimes it feels like you met your breaking point, but then you have your brothers to lean on and pull through, that’s what I love about the program. My favorite moment about ponax football is surprisingly camp. Camp is what really molded the team together going into the season and just being out in the mountains was a good way to get away from everything.”


Trey Watkins

“I loved playing at ponax because of the brotherhood. I knew everyone on the team had my back on and off the field. I also loved playing there because it was fun. The coaches and everyone involved with the team made playing football at ponax fun. My favorite moment is when I stiffed arm Devyn Ford into the dirt my junior year.”


Trajan Anderson

“The biggest reason i loved playing football at ponax is because we really became one big family which i know is a cliche but it’s true. Even guys who didn’t play much and guys who played every snap became basically best friends. And playin out there next to your brothers is the best feeling you can get and knowing that the coaches trust you and always got your back that’s what i loved about it.  

I don’t have a specific best moment because every single snap and practice were the best moments of my life lol. Every play and every touchdown every tackle those were all the best moments even if i wasn’t the one making the play.”